About Us

Aksharbharati work along with various NGO organizations who are active in areas where we see requirement for a library.

Working Model

Akshar Bharati collaborates with local NGOs and schools for setting up the library. NGO/School runs the library on a regular basis & AB provides them the support to run the libraries effectively and ensure it is making the right impact through regular activities, feedback, etc.

The advantages of working with area specific NGO are:

The NGO volunteers can look after Akshar Bharati library Provide us constant feedback about working of Akshar Bharati.

Akshar Bharati does not need to have a dedicated person required to manage the library

Once Akshar Bharati library in place we encourage volunteers to conduct various activities at the library location so as to build curiosity among children to utilize books of the library. Akshar Bharati volunteers conduct regular paper toy & science experiment activities at various locations.

Akshar Bharati library has following salient features:

No Separate room required

AB provides storage if required which can be kept in corner without obstructing other activities

Book shelf library model to easily accommodate ~1000 books

No dedicated staff required

Akshar Bharati assistance if any book is torn or not getting used

At any time library can be scaled up with additional books

Facility to procure & donate project specific books>


1000+ Volunteers from corporate companies, service industries, schools, colleges, etc. across India. Typical volunteer activities -

Library setup activities including site visits, due diligence, book stamping, etc.

Library support, feedback and checking new requirements.

Road shows, fund raising, awareness events.

Back office activities like web site management, data consolidates, etc.