AksharBharati Booksets

The books in AksharBharati, given to the schools and communities are divided in three categories.

A) Primary
B) Secondary
c) English

In this category books are defined for the childrens ranging from age group 6th to 12th Books in secondary level are defined for the childrens from age group 13th to 18th Books on English language are kept for all the categories

These booksets are further grouped into a library. Each library contains 800 – 1000 new books.

Books are selected by volunteers, teachers, specialized NGOs and feedback from existing libraries.

We select books based on children’s best interests and learning. There are multiple types of books made available to childrens in schools and communities. These types are mainly for language learning, picture books, moral stories, storybooks, novels, books on science, sports, history, art, competitive exams, biographies, etc. These Book set are redesigned every 6 months.