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AB Seva Internship

AB Student Internship


Akshar Bharati’s student internship program offers the opportunity for college-going students to gain hands-on experience in Akshar Bharati’s skill development programs for underprivileged children and activities for AB geo chapters. Interns will gain experience in coordination, social skills and communication, and self-development. This internship opportunity is intended primarily for low-income students, and will provide interns financial assistance for their education.

Scope of Work:-

1) Coordination of Akshar Bharati activities for respective AB geo chapter.
2) Volunteering for donation campaigns with corporate companies and NGO foundations.
3) Akshar Bharati documentation.
4) Conducting monthly get-togethers of geo chapters.
5) Research Work
    - Regarding library utilization.
    - Finding other NGOs.

Expectations :-

1) 2 month probation period for interns.
2) 6 month minimum duration of Internship.
3) 20-25 hrs. of AB work per week.
4) Minimum education qualification for interns:- after 12th
5) Location preference assigned according to AB geo- chapters.


AB will provide stipend to eligible interns for the program and all the rights reserved by AB in this regard.
1) Stipend would be Rs. 500/- during the probation period. An additional Rs. 1000/- will be paid in the third month     after the successful completion of the probation period.
2) During the internship, AB will provide a stipend of Rs. 1000/- per month.
3) AB will provide an allowance of up to Rs. 1000/- for traveling and communication fees.