In last 8 years Aksharbharati have established 600+ libraries all over India for children of primary and secondary schools.

Each library contains around 200-850 brand new books specifically chosen for different age groups in local, Hindi and English languages. A library set typically costs around Rs. 33,000/- Estimated about 1,25,000+ students benefiting from 4,15,000+ books as of today The library is typically overlooked by local NGOs or institutes for day-to-day maintenance and AB volunteers track the effective usage of the same. AB volunteers conduct various activities at the library locations for children like group reading, storytelling, essay competitions; book reviews etc. along with other personal development activities and engage students with the libraries and books.

Library Features.

200-850 brand new books per library, depends on number of students in school.

Separate sets for Primary and Secondary kids

Books in local languages and English.

Types of books: Books for language learning, picture books, moral stories, storybooks, novels, books on science, sports, history, art, competitive exams, biographies, etc.

Book selection via volunteers, teachers, specialized NGOs and feedback from existing libraries.

Book set redesigned every year.

We have libraries in following States